Basic surgical instruments + Stitches and Sutures- BRONZE

Basic teaching on the use of surgical instruments and introduction to surgical stitches and sutures

This Level includes:

  • Bronze: Video package only – basic introductory package – for 6 months 

Video contents will be available for 6 months from the purchase order.
After 6 months, the subscription will be automatically renewal, otherwise the user can cancel the subscription.

Delivering mode:

on-line within 24/48 hours after payment for all the videos package.



£35.00 every 6 months

Course Programme

  • Appropriate and efficient use of forceps
  • Appropriate and efficient use of haemostats and clips
  • Appropriate and efficient use of needle holder
  • Appropriate and efficient use of scissors, for tissue dissection and suture cutting
  • Safe and efficient use of scalpels and sharp instruments
  • Safe and appropriate mounting of, and use of, suture needles
  • Safe and efficient use of instruments with right and left hands – help make you ambidextrous!

This course is for you if:

  • You want to master suturing and become proficient in handling instruments, in spite of the current limitations imposed by our current crisis
  • You are a trainee surgeon or a medical student or any allied health care professional or nurse
  • You are involved in any suturing or wound closure
  • Perform, or are involved in any interventional or surgical procedures