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Think, learn and train, OUTSIDE THE BOX

We turn physical events and learning and training  into virtual ones, translating real scenarios into digital scenarios.

VIRTUALIVE is the innovative and malleable communication tool for events, virtual meetings, web meeting webinars, e-learning and live tuition.

Web-Based plxatform

A single web based platform with a sophistication that would mimic a real event and training opportunity



Easy and secure connection and interaction with speakers, lecturers and tutors 

Attendees can interact and chat with presenters and other attendees in our virtual chat rooms as if they were actually physically at the event.



We can provide certification and confirmation of participation in virtual meetings and training and tutorial sessions, for continuing professional development and training portfolios

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About Virtualive

For your Virtual Meetings

With Virtualive you can overcome the current limitations on physical congregation and meeting, offering an alternative option for engagement, connection and interaction.   With our platform you can generate an exponential growth of communication and creativity, inherent in any meeting of like minded and enthusiastic individuals, whilst simultaneously providing secure recording of the content of meetings and seminars for future reference and recall as required.

Find out how we can virtualize your event:


Congresses and conferences are important economic and intellectual drivers, providing promising opportunities. However, such events often include long travels and big expenditures for both the participants as well as the hosts. Cost-efficient and ecologically friendly alternatives are virtual fairs and online conferences. Lively interaction is guaranteed through the inclusion of live chats both for groups and for private one-on-one communication. Furthermore, virtual booths are used to convey information and to answer individual questions via live chats.



  • A fully customisable, bespoke platform with a global outreach
  • Interactive networking areas and social media integration for full audience participation
  • Resource centres and live presentation auditoriums, enabling variation in content delivery
  • Prerecorded and live presentations, with options for live editing
  • Post-event on-demand content to maintain event momentum
  • Sponsor & Exhibitors areas – e.g. exhibition halls or networking lounge to open revenue streams
  • Options for real time, and post event registration of attendance for professional and educational portfolios


Present your new product by hosting a virtual launch event.
A virtual product launch event enables you to manage and extend the exposure of a new product or service to a global audience in a content-rich online event and in a time and cost-efficient way.
Use creative interactive tools to comprehensively educate visitors about your new product and get the conversation going with features like chat forums, webinars, polls and videos.



  • Live stream launches with presentations, speakers and product demonstrations
  • Resource hub with product specific downloads including brochures, videos, promotions or podcasts
  • Wider audience reach including international audiences and time-pressured press and media
  • Product booths enabling reps to talk direct to the industry or customers
  • On-demand facilities accessible 24/7
  • Live launch support with a virtual component
  • Real time and post-event audience analytics
  • Options for real time translation of presentations and direct customer discussions using our translation facilities



Face-to-face courses are inconvenient. It’s hard to pick a time that suits all employees when everyone has a different schedule and it’s hard to get them all in one place (especially if you have a diffuse business). You might even need to run more than one session if you have a lot of employees.  Additionally, face-to-face courses are usually more expensive. Overall, it is far more convenient and beneficial to your company to invest in high-quality online courses.


Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • A fully adaptable environment that is flexible to your training programme and employee or client’s needs
  • Advanced presentation system with live Q&A and feedback with those being trained
  • Certification and registration training & built-in accreditation
  • Learning management system modules integrated within the virtual platform
  • Training booths that feature live chat, video and training resources, online selection of courses, direct trainer/student video interactions and live presentations
  • Fully downloadable resource library housing all learning content and reference materials
  • Data analytics to track attendee engagement and participation in the courses



We offer surgical tuition and revision of techniques, for trainee surgeons, and established surgeons wishing to revise and refine their individual skills.

With the aid of recorded sessions demonstrating technical skills and detailed anatomical explanation of approaches to procedures, we will offer surgical tuition, both basic and advanced, through online courses, and bespoke individualized training sessions.  These will allow trainees and surgeons to develop their practical skills, revise techniques, and refresh and rehearse skills.

Using our online platform, trainees and surgeons of all grades can partake in these courses, individual events, or bespoke individualized tuition, from the comfort and convenience of their home, office or hospital, without having to take leave, or organise travel and accommodation to physically attend a course or training event.

Our Vision


The digital option can change the way we attend an event, but without compromising expectations.
We can still expect interactions between individuals the joy of meeting and chatting to friends, aquaintances and colleagues enjoying presentations, comparing and assessing scientific studies and learning, networking and virtual socialising.


the Virtual Way

We turn physical events into virtual ones, translating real scenarios into digital scenarios.

  • An individualized web platform that mimics a real conference venue and social networks
  • Virtual congress secretariat and administration venue for information and registration
  • Speakers’ area for sharing and uploading files
  • Virtual welcome desk with dedicated virtual assistant
  • Plenary room in each video conference with remote assistance available
  • Meeting rooms with parallel sessions
  • Virtual chat rooms  for interaction between presenters and delegates
  • On-demand contents available after the event


    To understand, removing language barriers to participation
    Of the effective engagement of those attending for sophisticated recording and confirmation of their attendance, for confirmation of their professional development and training portfolios.
    For a fruitful interaction between companies and participants
    Sessions and tuition, including bespoke and individual practical tuition



We can record presentations prior to a live event, allowing these to be projected in place of, or in combination with live sessions, whilst speakers and any panel are present.  This offers the following advantages:

  • Ability to check presentations in advance
  • Reduction of the risk of loss of personal web connectivity during a live event
  • Allow speakers and panelists to concentrate more on their responses to questions
  • Immediate availability of each presentation and conference proceedings online




Live moderators connected constantly with the speakers, allowing them to relay questions from the  audience, or mediating interactions at the end of the session

Technical direction

Coordination of the various presentations and management of presentation durations. Management of video presentations and introductions, sponsorships and institutional introductions as required.

Technical assistance

Dedicated technical assistance for each speaker before and during the presentation, and subsequent discussion session

Virtual podium

Multiple virtual podiums at each presentation to allow real time, virtual interaction and discussion between presenters, moderators, and participants posing questions


The slide centre dedicated to each individual event will allow preparation and promote its smooth delivery by providing:

  • Pre-event connection test with individual speakers
  • Pre-event loading of the speeches by the speakers
  • Technical analysis of, and advice on, presentations for better management and delivery
  • Final verification of speeches



Our virtual event provides a unique opportunity for companies to interact with the audience in different ways, at the convenience of a target audience in their home or office.


  • Advertising at events, and tailored advertising to attendees
  • Sponsored virtual rooms to allow representatives to chat directly to potential customers
  • Live product launches to intended audiences, at the convenience of the audience
  • Easier and more efficient interactions because representatives do not have to travel to meet their intended audience


Events are recorded as desired, and all sessions and interactions are available for use by attendees and speakers after the event.

  • Sophisticated and detailed certificate of attendance as required
  • Online satisfaction surveys for ease of assessment and reflection by event organisers
  • Virtual “speed dates” for detailed interactions between participants, moderators and speakers



Virtualive was born from the union of industry experts who have been operating in  the conference field for over 20 years and proposes itself as a specialized consultant alongside those who organize events.

With the benefit of our experience gained over the years, we can facilitate the change required, and imposed, by the restrictions of this particular historical moment, and create an opportunity for growth and development. Today we can provide a system to transform any traditional training event into a digital experience that is easy and usable for everyone. 



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